Shingles Vaccination Catch-up Program ends Oct 31

A single dose of the shingles vaccine, Zostavax ®, is free for people aged 70 years of age. The program also includes a five year catch-up program for people aged 71 – 79 years until 31 October 2021.

We are inviting eligble people between the ages of 70-79 who have not yet had their single dose of the shingles vaccine to book an appointment with the practice nurse.

ALERT: Zostavax is contraindicated for people with certain current or recent immunocompromising conditions. If this applies to you, please ensure you speak with your doctor to see if it is safe to have a shingles vaccination prior to booking in with the nurse.

Please call us on 8272 5533 to make a booking before Oct 31.

For more information, please visit the SA Health Website.