Practice Fees

Valid from 1 July 2023

Full payment at the time of consultation is required.

  • Repatriation patients are bulk billed under the DVA scheme.
  • Pension and healthcare card holders are charged the concessional fee.
  • Telehealth consultations will be charged according to the actual consultation length and MBS rebate.  You will only be charged, if applicable, after the Telehealth consultation with your doctor.
  • Commonwealth Senior Card holders are billed the standard practice fee.
  • With the exception of telehealth, by law, a person may only receive a Medicare rebate when they attend in person. Please keep this in mind if attending on behalf of an absent family member. The person in attendance will receive the bill in these situations.
  • Doctors may consider reduced fees in exceptional circumstances. If such circumstances exist, please discuss them with your doctor.
Standard (< 20 min)$94.00$75.00$41.20
Long (< 40 min)$174.00$139.00$79.70
Extended (> 40 min)$235.00$188.00$117.40
Prescriptions (collected)$22.70
Prescriptions (faxed)$22.70
Prescriptions (e-script sent via SMS/email)$22.70
Professional Service with No Attendance < 5 min$25.50$15.50
Professional Service with No Attendance 5 – 15 min$31.50$21.50
Professional Service with No Attendance 15 – 30 min$66.00$46.00
Professional Service with No Attendance >30 min$98.00$78.00

There are fees associated with a professional service with no attendance. Examples include completing paperwork, reports, and repeat prescriptions.

Standard Skin Excision$200.00$120.00
Complex Skin Excision (flap or graft required)$300.00$150.00
Skin Biopsy$100.00$60.00
Iron infusion$200.00$120.00

 Procedures performed in this practice such as skin surgery, Implanon and Mirena insertions, iron infusions, ECG, spirometry, vaccinations, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, Doppler ultrasound, suturing and plastering etc. attract separate fees, with gap payments ranging from $20 to $120.

Standard Skin Check (< 20 min)$99.00$80.00$41.20
Long Skin Check (< 40 min)$179.00$144.00$79.70

Methods of Payment

The reception team can assist you by submitting Medicare refund claims online. Your Medicare rebate will be reimbursed to your bank account within 48 hours if you provide your bank account details at the time of payment. This practice accepts payment by cash, EFTPOS, credit card or cheque. Payment by credit card over the telephone is also accepted and our team will happily post receipt of this transaction.

When booking Telehealth appointments via HotDoc, you will be prompted to provide your credit card details.  These details are securely stored within the HotDoc system and no payment will be allocated to your card until completion of your appointment with your doctor.

All personal information provided is strictly confidential and governed by privacy laws. Gap payments for general practitioner (GP), specialist, radiology and pathology services can be counted towards the Medicare Safety Net.

Understanding your Medicare Safety Net

As a Medicare Card holder, you are automatically enrolled in the Original Medicare Safety Net (OMSN) program. Once your out-of-hospital (GP and specialist consultations, radiology and pathology) total gap payments reach a certain threshold, you will receive 100% of the Schedule Fee for out-of-hospital services for the rest of the calendar year.

As a Medicare Card holder, you are also eligible for the Extended Medicare Safety Net (EMSN).  The EMSN has two thresholds: General and Concessional/Family Tax Benefit Part A.  When you reach the General Threshold, your benefit will apply to out -of-hospital medical services and this will apply for the rest of the calendar year.

You’ll receive 100% of the Medicare Schedule Fee and the lowest of the following:

  • 80% of the out of pocket amount
  • Extended Medicare Safety Net benefit caps.

If you’re part of a registered family, you’ll need to confirm your family members before Medicare will pay you the higher Extended Medicare Safety Net benefit.

Find out more information about your Medicare Safety Net here.