The Australian Government this morning announced changes to the COVID-19 booster dose interval, shortening this to 4 months, effective Jan 4, 2021. The Government also announced that, from the end of February, this interval would be further shortened to 3 months.

Our COVID-19 booster clinics are currently fully booked until early February. The recent change from 6 months to 5 months has meant a doubling of demand for vaccines in the month of January already, and we simply cannot accommodate more bookings at this stage.

We encourage you to investigate possible alternative options for getting a booster vaccination if you are eligible. Please visit the SA Health website for a list of other vaccination sites.

Please do not call the clinic regarding changing your booking at this stage. If you secure an alternative booking elsewhere at an earlier date, please give us a call in the new year to cancel your appointment with us, or cancel through HotDoc if you booked online.

Thank you for your understanding as we adapt to the ever-changing circumstances.